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Learn how you can benefit from working with the Nodes in your chart. We'll go on a guided nodal journey through the signs and houses.

Have you wondered what the 'headphone' and 'horseshoe' shaped symbols in your chart are and what they mean?

The North and South Nodes are mathematical points calculated by the intersecting orbits between the Earth, Sun, and Moon. The South Node describes the qualities of past incarnations and present spiritual lessons in this life, and the North Node describes the life direction, soul purpose, and compensatory behavior that is 'good medicine' for you now.

The Nodes can be seen as the trajectory of the Soul. Your North Node, like a North Star, and the South Node is the end tail of the arrow, and speaks symbolically of the past and the direction you want to move away from....old default habits. There needs to be a balance between the ends, because we cannot get rid of the past and the emotional memory (the lunar memory) of the South Node because it still resides below the surface of our consciousness. This workshop will teach you how to integrate this axis in your life to create nodal harmony!

Nodal Workshop

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