Ayewo Iku

Happy New Year 3EZ Fam. We made it! Hello 2021, Hello 5 Universal Year

This post is vulnerable, raw and necessary.

In Feb 2020 I did my yearly Ifa reading via WhatsApp with a trusted Babalawo (father of mysteries). For the first time, my Odu was alarming and ended in "ayewo iku". Ayewo can be translated as (fight, check, examine, inspect, revise) and Iku means death (physical and spiritual).

Furthermore this Odu cautioned of physical death by car accident or illness. Eeek. This isn't like the death card in a tarot spread. It was meant and interpreted to me as literal Death.

So, I decided to invest in the ebo (sacrifice/spiritual work) to neutralize this energy. I followed up with another Babalawo for a more in depth interpretation of the particular Odu and he confirmed spiritual work was needed immediately to counteract this energy.

Against my better judgement.

Operating out of fear.

I invested in fear.