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Ayewo Iku

Happy New Year 3EZ Fam. We made it! Hello 2021, Hello 5 Universal Year

This post is vulnerable, raw and necessary.

In Feb 2020 I did my yearly Ifa reading via WhatsApp with a trusted Babalawo (father of mysteries). For the first time, my Odu was alarming and ended in "ayewo iku". Ayewo can be translated as (fight, check, examine, inspect, revise) and Iku means death (physical and spiritual).

Furthermore this Odu cautioned of physical death by car accident or illness. Eeek. This isn't like the death card in a tarot spread. It was meant and interpreted to me as literal Death.

So, I decided to invest in the ebo (sacrifice/spiritual work) to neutralize this energy. I followed up with another Babalawo for a more in depth interpretation of the particular Odu and he confirmed spiritual work was needed immediately to counteract this energy.

Against my better judgement.

Operating out of fear.

I invested in fear.

In 2020, with Covid-19 deaths higher than 250k in the USA at the time, that type of reading would be chilling for anyone. On top of that, my progressed Sun formed a conjunction to my natal 12th House Pluto in Scorpio. A transit I was forewarned about for years by other astrologers. And one very popular YouTube astrologer I won't name.

My cousin passed away in 2016 when her progressed Sun was exactly conjunct her natal Pluto (to the minute). Mine still has about 46 minutes to being exact. And will be exact, to the minute, on the week of Aug 8th, 2021

With all these probabilities swirling around in my head I still had to find the drive and focus to BE HERE NOW. In May of 2020 I got another reading done to see if this energy had changed or shifted. I was shocked to receive the exact same message. WTH, I thought. The odds of that happening are insane.

I'd done all the spiritual work prescribed, but still, I received a similar Odu with the same outcome Ayewo Iku. How? So again, I did the spiritual work as prescribed. Again. Against my better judgement.

Operating out of fear.

I invested in fear.

This time I did some deep reflection to see what I was projecting onto these readings. What part of me was creating a fearful message?

The readers were just mirroring parts of my own subconscious. The message would have just found another host to dish out this fear to me. So I cannot blame the messengers( the Babalawos). They are me, pushed out (this may go over some heads...stay with me).

I started doing deep reflection.

Could all of this energy be related to my 12th House progressed Sun conjunct natal Pluto? Could a well respected astrologer have planted seeds of fear in me 7+ years ago and I accepted it? Were these Babalawos also piecing together their own uncertainty surrounding 2020 through me?

I dug deeper into myself and found the answer.

I started undoing, smashing and ridding any outdated and untrue beliefs...and it's still a process, requiring consistent maintenance. In my immediate circle I noticed others waking up, stirring in their sleep and putting trust back in themselves. It has been beautiful to see.

A spiritual death, yes. It was.

While doing this work

I suddenly had well respected and widely popular readers/spiritualist coming to me out of blue for services. I started hearing similar stories of their "gurus" and mentors falling from grace, of hypocrisy, and fear based practices being exposed. These people found me to reflect my own story and courage back to them. I reminded them that you have to always take the parts that resonate and leave the rest behind. I reflected Divine Love back to them. It was refreshing and very Aquarian. We need that more than ever now.

Spiritual readings pick up the energy surrounding a person! Their current state, the reader's state and the world mind state. The thing is, we drift through several states. Sometimes several in a day. It takes a very powerful mind to reject negative suggestion and foresight.

Always see circumstances improving

See things getting better and better

See your power coming back to you

Be so rooted in your divinity that you have the courage to walk away from ANY and all systems that do not serve you. No matter how long you've invested. There is no loss. Your expectancy of good, bad or indifferent circumstances holds your point of power.

No one is immune from the constant clay forming of their thoughts, deeds and actions. In 2020 I received a better "miracle minded" state of consciousness through my process. I'm a better astrologer and life coach because of it. I've witnessed hopeless cases transform overnight. And still do, daily.

Please do not misinterpret this as any judgement toward a system, religion or practice, this is about your awareness and personal expectancy.

Whatever you stand before in fear will reflect fear back to you.

Whatever you stand before in love will reflect love back to you.

Have the courage to break beliefs without analyzing any reasoning other than they no longer serve you.

This image below is actually on my vision board I made in 2019. Wow.

Mind power is no joke.

May you trust Divine Timing to draw to you the right teachers and mentors.

I Love you

as you are

and wherever you are on your journey



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