Student Loans and Divine Solutions

Out of the 10 to 12 clients I speak to each week, at least 7 of them feel as though they are drowning in student loan debt, and ‘if only’ they didn’t have this debt everything would change.

Often I share inspiring stories of clients who came into large sums of money using prosperous thinking. This gets their attention first, or rather shocks their focus into seeing how much power words hold over their situation.

I’ll share a few passages from a book I’m reading called, “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” by Catherine Ponder. It’s a New Thought Metaphysical book, with some biblical context, and a bit dated, but filled with so many mental prosperity gems. You can purchase the book on Kindle for $0.25 here:

You can replace the words ‘God’, ‘Angels’ or ‘Prayers’ with more suitable ones to fit your taste.

Possibly the most misunderstood part of manifesting is the “denial of the present, undesirable circumstances.” A lot of people I know make visons boards, lists, focus wheels and talk about what they want, but then go right on affirming out loud to anyone who will listen the negative things they don’t like. Then they wonder why they get double-trouble cross wiring. It’s like standing in an elevator saying, “I think I want to go to the 15th floor” but you press every button, worrying out loud, then you go as far as pressing the emergency stop button to finish off your counterproductive manifestation work. You’re not going anywhere.

Catherine writes:

Many people cringe at the word “denial,” believing that its only meaning is to “take away or withhold.” But the word “deny” also means “to dissolve, to erase or be free from, to refuse to accept as true or right that which is reported to be true.” Prayers of denial are for the latter purpose to refuse to accept as necessary, true, lasting, or right anything which is not satisfying or good.

Prayers of denial are your “no” prayers. They help you reject things as they are, and to dissolve your negative thoughts about them, and make way for something better.

Your mind will consistently run wild with a trend of thinking, and you can interrupt old trends and replace them with new. If you think you are powerless, you are decreeing it as true. Once your mind is set on Divine solutions and ideas of your financial circumstances improving despite your knowing how, good will start to appear. It requires an almost gullible knowing.

Step 1 is to declare 'No' I will not accept this as my reality, but I will accept THIS (desired circumstance) or something better.” This part you might have to fake it until you make it, repetition is key!

Don’t give life force to the negative situation by discussing it anymore. Stop today. It’s not too late. It is even better to be silent if you’ve been so caught up in the pattern of talking “poor mouth” as they say in the South. Do not magnify your fears by speaking about them. I have a close friend I won’t even speak to on the phone anymore because the conversation always seems to shift towards lack.

My friend, I love em, but they only seem excited when talking about problems. Anytime I inject positivity or a lighter perspective, it’s like two people fell asleep on the phone. There’s nothing to talk about.

You may outgrow certain conversations and find it harder to not discuss debt, lack or negative circumstances with some people. Give yourself a break and be thankful that you’re aware of your loving poor mouth friends, relatives, and acquaintances. They will catch up when they see your transformation. Don't try to force their awareness.

Catherine suggests that you say something like the following whenever you think about a particular debt or bill, especially student loans: Divine restoration is now doing its perfect work in all my financial affairs.

My favorite section of this book on indebtedness (Chapter 17) is here:

A pleasant point to remember; if you are in debt it is because someone believed in you and had enough faith in you to trust you financially. If others are in debt to you, it is because you extended your trust to them. Trust is a wonderful divine element, and it produces divine results when activated. Whenever you think of owing or being owed, give thanks for the trust that brought about the financial transaction in the first place. Know, also, that the same trust which worked in the beginning can still work to bring forth the full payment due. Re-establish this attitude by affirming: The same divine trust that first motivated this financial transaction is now mightily at work, clearing it up for the highest good of all concerned.

I- myself was feeling resentment towards people I loaned money after I received a settlement in 2018. One in particular made no attempts to repay me. This person went as far as asking me for more money and completely disregarding that they still owed me. It just wasn’t a priority. It irritated me to the point that I began to think ill of them as they came to mind. This was working the law in reverse. It seemed like I would lose more money shortly after these thoughts or have spiraling negative events. If only I’d taken a moment to think of them in prosperous terms. Instead of “Oh hell no, I’m not answering that call, they probably need something as usual.”

So anyway, I tried it out, and this guy recently reached out to ask for my new address. He said he wanted to come by and give me some money. In my shock and distrust, I didn’t respond, but that’s my hard lesson from the Universe: Don’t ask for a solution and then close your channels to receive. Be open to solutions coming in the most unexpected ways.

My whole outlook is changing about loss and debt. The universe is your infinite --abundant supply.

As Florence Scovel Shinn taught: Ask for what is yours by divine right, or its equivalent, under grace, in the perfect way.

If something about someone comes to your mind, a ridiculous memory or thought, take a second to affirm: I love the highest and best in all people. I now draw the highest and best people to me.

Catherine has countless examples in her book on how people applied these techniques to create and restore prosperity in their lives. Try making lemonade/mental alchemy every time your student loans come to mind. Your new outlook could run you into the ideal student loan forgiveness program, an increase in salary, business idea or whatever divine solution your inner being has in store for you.

Don’t knock it until you try it. And be still with patience knowing it's already done.

As I mentioned, the book is dated, Catherine is a white woman in her 90’s and still kicking. There was a small section where she spoke about her grandfather and his 'farm workers' singing in the field. My old, easily offended state could have instantly reached for the offense and spiraled into thoughts about slavery, oppression, and the validity in the author. I chose not to go there. What a great choice I made, when I got to the chapter on Divine Clairvoyance, I was happy I stuck around.

Take what resonates and leave the rest behind.

I hope this book inspires you as it has inspired me.


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