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About Zy's Readings

My goal is to positively help you outgrow
narrow belief-systems and confining attitudes, and to encourage and remind you of the presence and power within you.

"One can say, 'Teach me what you know,'
but the better request is,
'Teach me about what teaches you."

-Malidoma Patrice Somé

"Consider the astrological sign a person is born under, for it serves the same purpose as the personality. In fact, both are intricately interwoven. The time of birth is consciously chosen to supply the soul with the make-up, the characteristics, to make the learning of a particular lesson, or set of lessons, possible.  By no means does this state a person's bondage to his or her star sign. The learning may go very well in a specific lifetime, so the Zodiac sign may be outgrown and the 'scaffolding' expanded to benefit from the properties of other suitable signs to aid in the learning of further lessons. This may reveal the fallacy that one's star sign has control over one's life. The opposite it true. We chose it in the first place and may re-choose if necessary."

-Peter O. Erbe

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