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An Intuitive Astrology reading can help you with gaining better insight into yourself and your current circumstances. A reading with Zy can provide the guidance you seek, in a powerful but easy to understand format.

What People Are Saying

My Silver and follow-up readings were personable, accurate, & informative. These sessions provided me with clarity, insights & blessings.


He is incredibly intuitive & takes his time with you! I love that he records your session & sends it so you can revisit.


I have been receiving readings from Zy for many years now -- every time, I am blown away! I have leaned on him during times of crises and change, as well as in happy times.


Zy introduced the concepts in such an easy flowing method which open the flood gates towards more clarity and understanding of the self. I experienced a major shift during the same week of our initial meeting.

Kim D.

I feel so lucky to have connected with and receive a reading from Zy. I immediately felt like he "got it." He explained everything along the way and was so easy to follow


I was referred to Zy from my niece... What I liked was being able to converse with Zyon as if we were friends.


In my Astro 101 lessons Zy provided great insight into the fundamentals of Astrology and beyond. It is always great talking to Zyon because he is a great communicator


I contacted 3rd Eye Zy Astrology and requested birth charts for my entire family, myself and my wife included. All of the readings that he provided were stunningly accurate!


"One can say, 'Teach me what you know,'
but the better request is,
'Teach me about what teaches you."

-Malidoma Patrice Somé

M E E T U P     


Intended for persons of color who study, practice, and are passionate about astrology, numerology, and other metaphysical arts. We share, build community, and tap into cultural and familial healing. Our intention is a relatable cultural experience. 

   G R O U P S

RDU Triangle Astrology Collective 2.png

This group is open to ALL levels interested in learning, sharing and exploring astrological topics. We range from beginner astro-enthusiasts to professional astrologers. Events include Modern, Traditional and Jyotish/Vedic Astrology.

1 2 3 Numerology

"Consider the astrological sign a person is born under, for it serves the same purpose as the personality. In fact, both are intricately interwoven. The time of birth is consciously chosen to supply the soul with the make-up, the characteristics, to make the learning of a particular lesson, or set of lessons, possible.  By no means does this state a person's bondage to his or her star sign. The learning may go very well in a specific lifetime, so the Zodiac sign may be outgrown and the 'scaffolding' expanded to benefit from the properties of other suitable signs to aid in the learning of further lessons. This may reveal the fallacy that one's star sign has control over one's life. The opposite it true. We chose it in the first place and may re-choose if necessary."

-Peter O. Erbe

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