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Who is Zyon?

I'm an Artist and Intuitive Astrologer equipped with a Sagittarius Rising, Gemini Moon and Libra Sun. Whew! What a combination.  And yes, that explains my passion for astrology and multiple art platforms.   


I started out doing readings for family and friends as a hobby, then word of mouth referrals opened doors I never imagined.  I'm fortunate enough to be surrounded by a network of healers, artists and spiritualists who encourage and challenge me on my journey. 

After years of struggling with myself, poor decisions and constant road blocks, my faith, astrology and spirituality were the catalysts for change in my life.  My mission is encompassed in seeking,  "How spirit can use me today?".  Every chart that I read connects me with a two way healing aspect (healing the self, through helping/healing others).  This allows me to use my intuition and my knowledge of astrology to help you express the divine order you have chosen for your life.  I feel  that pathologies and broken DNA that accumulate over generations can be healed through discovering and speaking the hidden truth, and applying ritual to daily life.

After careers in the US military and law enforcement, previously a self-taught astrologer, I moved to Minnesota a few years before my Saturn cycle and began a serious study of astrology with a 40 year practitioner. Prior to that I maintained a peak interest in to the occult sciences and spirituality growing up.  My mentor donated their entire library of vintage astrology books passed down to them from their mother.  My special interests include location, ancestral astrology and developing antidotes to difficult aspects.

Using the tools of astrology, reiki, candle work, and mediumship I've developed a unique healing practice.  By focusing on the common activities of daily living I brew patterns that emerge into practical application my clients can use to change their lives.  


I give thanks to the Most High, my guides, ancestors, elders and all those who came before me.  The language of the stars is no easy feat, it takes discipline, dedication and complete surrender of the ego to understand and interpret constructively.  


Let me help you understand the tools and gifts available to you that will help shift your thinking so that you begin to experience growth and greater success on your life's journey.

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Are you seeking to gain better insight into yourself and your current circumstances? Do you need clarity about a specific situation? Or maybe you're ready to start the healing journey to becoming your best and most fulfilled self. An Intuitive Astrology reading can provide the guidance you seek, in a powerful but easy to understand format. Book your reading, today!


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