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Who is Zy?

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You might be here because someone told you about my readings, maybe they had a ‘psychic shock’ experience, or you heard that I pick up on things I wouldn’t have any other way of knowing. Maybe you’re just curious about what I do or how I do it?  

Such is the story of many psychic-mediums, I've had a sixth sense from early childhood. I suppressed and even ran away from it in my adolescence, then rediscovered my calling in adulthood. I can't explain the phenomena behind my gifts, but I was excited to learn that there is a huge community of people who are extra sensitive just like me. It's a heck-of a lot less lonely! The truth is we each have these gifts inherently...if you're ready, I can show you where your "on" button is too. 

I started out by doing readings for family and friends as a hobby, then word of mouth referrals opened doors I never imagined.  

My practice is centered on absolving any ideas that we are helpless to planetary influences.

Your chart does not affect you, it reflects you!

Whatever you call yourself and feel you are, you will become. No matter what any astrologer or reader tells you.

What do I know?

I know from experience that forgiveness opens the heart and all the things you’re desiring are added to this peace. A peace you cannot buy or describe. A peace that makes your gifts (psychic or other) heightened, super charged and powerful. An unmovable peace. I practice seeing everyone as my my teacher.


A philosophy that liberates me daily is that, I give myself permission to evolve and change my mind without guilt.

I previously had a long bio here about what I’ve done, who I studied with for years, and all the healing modalities I’m certified in --but that’s unnecessary noise and filler. Everyday we get to unlearn fear and trade it in for Faith, Wisdom and Love. What will you choose?

Let me help you understand the tools and gifts available to you, so that you begin to experience growth and greater success on your journey.

Your hype man in the stars,               


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