Why Should I Get A Reading?

To help you understand your strengths and weaknesses on a material and spiritual plane. It is my belief that we can obtain the ultimate goal of self-realization through astrology.

What Astrology IS and is NOT?

Astrology is a tool used to examine the elemental energies surrounding a person from birth to any given time in their life. NOT to substitute your faith or the basic laws of the universe. Let's all do our part to dismantle stigmas associated with astrology and readings.

What if I don't know my birth time?

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How do I gift a reading for a friend/relative?

1. First, ask yourself if your intended motive will be received authentically? Is this person ready for a reading?

(this is my life's work, which I take very seriously and practice with the purest intention of my heart. My goal is to offer healing and be of service to those who are in need. Testing the astrologer or wanting to convince a skeptic is NOT advisable.)

2. The recipient can expect authenticity and integrity in my session. I will only say what I see. My services will NOT be used to relay hard messages, or with any expectation to alter the free will of another.

3. Please email me (3rdeyezyastro@gmail.com) to gift a session. Payment must be made via CashApp or Venmo. Upon receipt, you/they will receive intructions and a link to schedule their session.

Thank you for your trust. I look forward to working with you and your dearest ones.

Free Readings

As much as I'd like to help, I do not have the resources to offer free consultations currently. This compromises the quality of consultations for paying clients. On a case by case basis I donate my time and services to those experiencing extreme crisis and or hardship. This is done at my discretion.

How often should I get a reading?

The majority of my returning clients get a reading twice a year for their solar and half solar return. Several clients prefer the monthly insights membership to keep up with their year, play by play. A reading can be sought at ANY time. This is up to you and your needs. My services are honest and ethical and meant to empower you. Use your discretion, as I will use mine to turn away anyone I feel is not willing to do the work needed for self-improvement.

In my practice I strive to remove prejudices, hatred, bigotry, exclusion, toxic conformity, and intolerance of any kind.  I'm constantly aware of conditioning that limits or places restriction on the the evolution of recycled archetypal knowledge.  
"I release myself from any fears or negative based thinking in this lifetime, or any other that would hinder my ability to express love and compassion to another soul.  Ase."



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