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Obtaining Your Birth Time


Exact birth times are important in the process of casting astrological birth charts.  Chart Rectification (an interview process of using major life events to determine an approximate birth time) is NOT available at this time.  If you don’t have your birth time there are several ways to go about obtaining it.


Check on your Birth Certificate. In the US there are two forms, and The Short Form does not contain this information, only your name and date of birth. This is the form that’s used in connection with requesting a passport and other official documents.


The Long Form, however, does usually contain a time of birth, as it is the original, complete certificate. It should be available at the County Office of your birthplace. If not there, you might find it at the Town or City Hall, or the State Government Office.


Birth information is kept at the “Department of Vital Records”, “Birth and Death Records”, or “Bureau/Office of Vital Records.” If you can’t find their contact information online, the local library should have it.


There is also a website called,, where you can request your birth certificate and pay to have it sent to you.  Instead of dealing with these issues directly, many government agencies contracted this organization to handle them.  If you pursue this route, make sure to specifically request the birth certificate with the most information, the “Long Version”, which is sometimes also referred to as “Birth Long” or “Birth Full.”

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