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Welcome. You might be here because someone told you about my readings, maybe they had a ‘psychic shock’ experience, or you heard that I pick up on things I wouldn’t have any other way of knowing. Maybe you’re just curious about what I do or how I do it?  

"One can say, 'Teach me what you know,'
but the better request is,
'Teach me about what teaches you."

-Malidoma Patrice Somé

"Consider the astrological sign a person is born under, for it serves the same purpose as the personality. In fact, both are intricately interwoven. The time of birth is consciously chosen to supply the soul with the make-up, the characteristics, to make the learning of a particular lesson, or set of lessons, possible.  By no means does this state a person's bondage to his or her star sign. The learning may go very well in a specific lifetime, so the Zodiac sign may be outgrown and the 'scaffolding' expanded to benefit from the properties of other suitable signs to aid in the learning of further lessons. This may reveal the fallacy that one's star sign has control over one's life. The opposite it true. We chose it in the first place and may re-choose if necessary."

-Peter O. Erbe

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What People Are Saying About Zyon's Readings:

G Wall

Receiving my reading from Zyon was the ultimate gift. In a moment of life transition and questioning, Zyon met me with clarity, compassion and insight that was unprecedented. Continually returning to what I needed from the call, he was able to illuminate many parts of my life-- revealing the connections between my work and personal life, my past, present and future. Zyon's gifts are profound and impressive but his humility and open heart makes speaking with him feel truly healing. He allows for a beautiful exchange and I feel more clarity and excitement for life, as it is unfolding, after speaking with him.

Jasmine T-B.

I was uncertain whether I should have a reading done. Within the first minute of my session, I was convinced I made the right decision. The reading gave me the much needed clarity I was seeking. The reason I am certain of its accuracy is because it confirmed hunches I was already having. Zyon is definitely tapped in. Zyon's reading also gave me much needed hope for the future. I feel so empowered now. If you are on the fence, please don't hesitate to get a reading done. You will be glad you did.

Little League

My sister gifted me a reading with Zyon and I had no idea what to expect, given that it was my first reading ever. I was nervous and unsure how it would go and what I would get from the experience. As soon as the reading started, though, I immediately could tell how insightful, kind, and deeply in-touch Zyon was. He made me feel comfortable, he communicated his insights clearly + thoughtfully — and I left the call feeling more light, comforted, resolved than I have in years. Since our call, I have highly and passionately recommended Zyon to my closest friends + family. I really think everyone would benefit from a reading with Zyon. <3


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