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AstroLocality: Playing by Saturn's Rules to Win

When you play by Saturn's rules he rewards you greater than any other planet. The benefits are long lasting and accumulate over time.

When you don't play by Saturn's rules, he's like a wet blanket, he slows down your progress, feels depressing, and doubles down on your reality checks and fears.

Astro*Carto*Graphy is one of my favorite astrological subjects (Sag Rising Here). I've looked up the maps and relocation charts for people who have no knowledge of planetary influences. I can immediately picked on the angular line they are most influenced by; just based on the way they speak about their experience in that region.

Saturn wants focus, dedication, organization, structure, discipline, law and order, acceptance of responsibility and caution.

I've had clients and friends stack up multiple degrees and reach career peaks on Saturn lines, yet they become so grim and focused they don't realize what they've accomplished. It's hard to enjoy where you are, when your imaginary finish line is never ending.

Saturn AC Line: People take you seriously. You look older, act more mature, refined and wise. Your outlook may be limiting and careful. You can become rigid and take on more responsibility. Health issues can rise due to excessive worrying.

Saturn IC Line: Minimalist at home is best (Saturn does not like excess). Real-estate and housing have obstacles and insecurity without a strategic plan. Family circumstances can feel heavy and burdening.

Saturn DC Line: You attract older or more refined 1-on-1 relationships. You need patience in partnership. Your partner may feel like a long-term project to you. You project your cloud of limitation and heaviness onto others. Relationships seem to exact a price and test your resilience. You shoulder more responsibilities in your relationships.

Saturn MC Line: (This is the optimal line for Saturn) Your hardwork, integrity and organization can take you to the top. You get recognition and respect for the work you do. Keep your long-term goals and career expectations realistic. Celebrate each landmark and BE where you are on your ladder. Remember, the top is not linear.

Astro Feng Shui Remedies for Saturn:

the SUN. Literally. Vibrance, light, warmth, bright colors, more natural lighting, light-hearted energy and experiences,

A client's mother was divorced had a hard time selling property on her Saturn IC Line for several years. She and he ex-husband still lived uncomfortably in the home. I suggested that she increase the natural lighting right away, get rid of any dark, dull regions with a fresh coat of paint, bring in yellow or orange flowers regularly (try to refresh them as they wilt and die).

The house sold within a few weeks. My client sent me a photo from her mother that said, "Tell your friend thank you. The people who purchased our house said the flowers were lovely!"

As always, the chart wants to work through you --not at you.

Happy Leo Season 3EZ Fam! I love you.

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