Balancing Your Passion With Your Poison

Yesterday I received a call from a 612-area code at about 3 PM EST, the voice sounded a bit winded and her tone was hurried; was slightly overwhelming to make out what she was saying. She spoke rapidly. I felt my eyes squinting hard to make out the words. It was a client I’d done a reading for in Minneapolis a few months back. She said,

“Hey Zy, you probably don’t remember me, but you did a reading for me few months ago and everything you said has come to pass.” further emphasized, “i-mean-EVERYTHING”

I wasn’t at all shocked because I get messages like this more frequently than I give myself credit. I was just embarrassed because I couldn’t recall who she was. Even as she described the location we’d met for her reading I was still racking my mind trying to put a face and name to this mystery person. It wasn’t until she said, “I know you probably don’t remember me from all those readings in Minneapolis” then I suddenly recalled her…vaguely.

Mainly I recalled her energy. She was calm and appeared more curious and questioning than needing clarity about anything at the time.

Today she seemed upset and frantic, she was dealing with a family crisis that I’d described in her session. I didn’t recall it. This is best for me as a professional reader to detach myself from the message and just deliver it. No strings attached.

She apologized for calling me abr