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Capricorn New Moon & 2023 Astro Classes!

Thank you for another amazing year. It has been both my honor and pleasure reading for you and your loved ones.

I believe anyone can learn astrology and everyone should, for a better understanding of themselves.

Announcing my 12 Week Workshop on the Progressed Moon through the Signs and Houses. If you've had a reading with me before, you know how much I emphasize the Progressed layers of your birth chart. This predictive technique has astounding accuracy and detail.

Open to all levels.

Public Zoom Workshop

***Registration only***

No admittance the day of

Each participant will need their Lifetime Progressed Moon Report before we begin.

Join us on Weds nights or catch the recording later.

The first class begins on Jan 4, 2023.

FAQ: Do I need to commit to all 12 classes?

Ans: No, you can attend as many as you like.

I strive to simplify advanced techniques and encourage ease and accessibility for every community.

Happy New Moon & Happy Holidays 3EZ Fam!

Your hype-man in the stars,



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