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Doggy Daycare Delivers for the Astro Dog + My Holiday Gift To You

On today's moon in (social groups) Aquarius vibes, here's a paw-fect share:

Our 3yr old Goldendoodle, Cosmo (Sometimes Shady, Scorpio-pup), has been bored to frustration in the house. His daily decoration projects (stuffing from his toys) on the floor in every room are telling.

Today I decide to drop him off at doggy day camp to play with other dogs. He's been there several times for boarding, day camp and grooming. I called and let them know about drop off between 1 and 2pm, per usual. Oddly, a staff member decided to enforce a rule we were never made aware of, until today.

Cosmo is not neutered. womp-womp. I know. I just haven't gotten around to it since the start of the pandemic. Their policy is that all dogs must be fixed to socialize in a group setting (to minimize aggressive behavior).

This staff member was short and dismissive, "Nothing we can do"

I just said, "hm...okay."

I think my non-reaction was shocking to her.

But I could tell she was just having a tough day, and it had nothing to do with me or Cosmo.

This was the turning point, --a testament to my growth and the power of silent and spoken affirmations of Truth. Due to my non-reaction and silent affirming, "nothing but good is coming from this"

The manager took over and decided to give us 1-on-1 play time with a trainer and smaller group of dogs. FOR FREE. I'll pick him up this evening, hopefully wiped-out enough to stop turning my living room into stuffed animal morgue.

Sagittarius Season reminds us that
Vibrational chess and gratitude goes a looong way

"A little positive assertion and declaration of the good you desire is often all that is needed to turn the tide of events that will produce that Good for you, swiftly and easily.

How often have you talked about what you did not want, and gotten it?

Now dare to speak of what you desire and begin receiving it."

- Dr. Catherine Ponder (Dare to Prosper)

To redeem this offer by Dec 31st,

1. send your payment to either

CashApp $3rdeyezy


Venmo @zygray

2. include the name of the recipient in the payment submission

3. Send the recipient this link to schedule their session:

With growth comes change. is undoubtedly evolving.

On Jan 1st 2022 my services are changing

In the meantime let's embrace the fact that we're entering a Six Universal Year (2+0+2+2).


Home (safety, sanctuary, protection). Nurturing. Unconditional Love. Family (healing family rifts, connecting with extended 'soul family'.

Giving (compliments and genuine interest). This is the HGTV, DIY crafts energy...Pinterest pimpin' on deck.

Self-care and self-love is paramount for the six vibration. Saying "yes" too much and becoming overwhelmed when it gets real will bring on unnecessary drama (coupled with Jupiter re-entering Pisces) Martyr vibes ⚠️.

Always With Love.

Your hype man in the stars,



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