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Full Moon in Cancer opposition Pluto

Cancer is the sign of instinctive nurturing and emotional sensitivity.

This is Capricorn's polarity sign. Both signs share the axis of security and tradition.

The Jan 17 Full Moon is opposing Pluto: An opposition in astrology reflects an internal dilemma arising from conflicting needs. Sort of like a cosmic tug of war...seeking mediation and agreement between the two planets.

Pluto in its lower expression is manipulation, misuse of power, obsessions, repressed feelings, dark drives, envy, decay, control, explosions, jealousy, violence, pollution etc. Don't let this full moon illuminate any toxic plutonian urges within you, not without your spidey sense of awareness.

In its higher expression, Pluto is regeneration, transformation, our survival instincts, empowerment, radical change, evolution, inner resources, repurposing, potent power and fearlessness. DO let this full moon reveal to you what cycles need to end in order to tap into Pluto's higher healing expression.

Look for the house Cancer occupies in your natal chart to see where this stealthy--yet explosive energy is happening. This full moon brings to my mind a twisty combination of "Grave Digger" by Dave Matthews Band and "Purify Me" by India Arie.

As well as, the below viral image sent to me by XubeLibe (an illustration of a black fetus) by Nigerian med student, Chidiebere Ibe.

Cancer being the fetus --womb, where we are nurtured and protected, the first home and container of life.

opposition Pluto(evolving)


Capricorn --old structures, outdated/older representation.

I'm currently writing this blog in my mid-thirties. This is the first black fetus illustration I've ever seen.

The U.S.'s Pluto return is surfacing deep, psychological-facelift vibes in the collective unconscious of this country.

In my world, this full moon is happening in my 8th whole sign house.

The 8th house rules shared resources, taxes, debt and inheritances etc.

I discovered a financial professional I hired wasn't ethical and has multiple BBB complaints. Complete oversight. I had an eerie feeling something was off...but didn't go with my gut. By the time I realized it, she'd already gotten $1350 from me. No biggie, I learned a valuable lesson about underestimating my intuition.

Also, I got to put into practice the teachings of Flo,

"there is no loss in divine mind, anything that's mine is now restored or better is given to me, under grace, in the perfect way." And indeed it was...

DIY Astro:

Do you have any planets at or around 27 degrees of cardinal signs - cancer, capricorn, aries, or libra?


I've added a beautiful Ho'oponopono Healing Story to the 3EZ Library, go check it out here:


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