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Grandma's Hugs - Cancer Season Feels Like Home

Cancer Season reminds me of this poem my mom used to recite to me a a child.

"Rooms without the doors and stairs we cannot climb.

We like a house not finished yet; we go there all the time.

But who is going to live there? That's what we think about.

Will there be children's faces in the windows peeking out?"


Yesterday my friend sent me a DM on Instagram and said I don't understand why I'm napping so much. I jokingly reminded her that Cancer Season is like Pisces without the alcohol and escapism. We had a good laugh.

Another friend went to the library today and said, "It feels like home. I realize I've spent so much of my life inside libraries, I miss them."

Cancer is the sign of nesting, nurturing and instinctive emotional intelligence. A watery ball of feeling waves. Waxing and waning. A sudden cry about a nostalgic childhood memory, a parent or keepsake is not uncommon. An now with Mercury in Cancer, we find ourselves saying a lot less and explaining ourselves even's just the vibe --tribe.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, also known as the trigger. The moon illuminates and translates what's happening in the stars, so we can feel the energy of it vibrationally.

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