Manifesting Pain Relief and Management

Hey 3EZ Family!

Today is Thursday, the day dedicated to the planet of abundance and expansion.

Here’s a quick story about pain relief. Last night Raini and I were catching up on the latest episode of His Dark Materials and I developed the most excruciating right shoulder pain after thinking about someone I've been working to resolve resentments toward.

I’ve experienced this specific pain once before when I was really stressed out and worried about family matters. The pain worsened as the night progressed to the point where I couldn’t sleep. I refused to take any pain killers but knew I had to do something about it because I had a full day of clients today and needed to show up for them 100%.

Finally, sometime before 4am I remembered to apply one of the Florence Scovel Shinn techniques and “speak the word”. I took a deep breath and tensed up my entire body and held the tension for about 10 seconds, then released, I did this about three times. Next, I said silently, “I deny any pain in my shoulder. I surrender this burden onto the divine love in me. I now go free.”

I may have said it twice and dozed off. I don’t recall a thing but waking up this morning feeling absolutely no pain, refreshed, Cosmo (our dog) woke me up full speed to tell me Mark (our 13 year old) had left for school.

I didn’t even tell Raini about my pain, I wanted to see if it would return. It di