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"miracle shall follow miracle..."

You all are showing up and out with your manifestations and I'm grateful to be a witness. I want to share this amazing manifestation a client emailed me yesterday. She had a reading with me back in September and I introduced her to my affirmation practice along with the works of Florence Scovel Shinn + Neville Goddard.

I told her it reminded me of this story here:

she further wrote:

My heart is smiling so big right now. Just think...

how easy it is for the right words, mantra, and support system to turn your entire life around in a short period of time.

Ask yourself, "what exactly do I really want?"

Almost every Lunar Lights, Monthly Insights client of mine has completely transformed. They're making much more money, they know exactly who they are and what their perfect self-expression is, they see the people around them transforming or falling off, some are in better housing and have access to more resources and opportunities.

No, I can't say these things were going to come naturally without interference or subconscious reprogramming, not as easily. They had to activate the worthiness piece and do away with a lot of self-sabotaging habits.

Usually, right when you're about to give up or switch back into cynicism and negativity that's when you're usually on the brink of a breakthrough. Stay faithful to your vision, to your positive self-talk, and guard the gates of your mind and lips. The other side of it is golden.

I'm just grateful for life and to see you all flourishing. I take no credit for anyone's growth and progress...just honored to observe and BE "in the end" with you.



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