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More Babies

Hi 3EZ Family! If you follow my FB page, earlier this year another mommy allowed me to share a photo of an astro baby I predicted would come despite her age and fertility issues. Her testimonial was powerful because she thought I was nuts after our session 3 years ago when I said, "your toddler will be running around in your 40th year!" I spoke to what her higher self knew and wanted, despite the challenges and obstacles apparent at the time. Children remind us of the the life giving force within us and our ability to manifest miracles.

Just yesterday, a dear client and friend (we'll call her client A) texted me saying that she is pregnant. I don't normally remember the details of readings as I find myself channeling indifferently and being the 'mail-man', but she recalls me telling her it was going to happen much sooner than she thought. I also told her all three of her 'sister friends' would pregnant around the same time. It would happen back to back. My exact words were "it looks like a trinity".

Her closest friends are also clients of mine, one of them a regular monthly client (Client B) is pregnant too. I predicted down to the gender, a baby girl.

The younger sister of Client B also texted to tell me she is pregnant and said that in 2018 I told her she would possibly be having twins. She's pregnant with twins!! How amazing is that?

Another friend of mine just gave birth on Halloween and told me I predicted her pregnancy back in February using KP (Vedic Horary) astrology.

I'm over the moon with joy for these women and their astro babies.

Did you know your moon sign and aspects can tell you the emotional state your mother was in during her pregnancy?

2021 will be a FIVE Universal Year. Five is about change, adaptability, fearlessness and adventure. Following such a tumultuous FOUR year (2020). There will be LOTS of new life and 'feeling alive' experiences. People who never wanted children may have a change of heart in 2021. I can't imagine a more sacred reminder of the preciousness of life.

I leave you with an affirmation from Flo: I now have the single eye of Spirit and see only completion.


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