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Navigating Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius, Gracefully

The beauty of Metaphysics lies in its transformative power, which shows its effects when we least expect them.

Excerpt from The Game of Life & How To Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn

"Another one of my students gave me an example of this: She took an extended trip abroad one summer, visiting many countries, where she was ignorant of the languages. She was calling for guidance and protection every minute, and her affairs went smoothly and miraculously. Her luggage was never delayed nor lost! Accommodations were always ready for her at the best hotels; and she had perfect service wherever she went. She returned to New York. Knowing the language, she felt God was no longer necessary, so looked after her affairs in an ordinary manner. Everything went wrong, her trunks delayed, amid inharmony and confusion.

The student must form the habit of “practicing the Presence of God” every minute. “In all thy ways acknowledge him”; nothing is too small or too great. Sometimes an insignificant incident may be the turning point in a man’s life.

Now onto the messenger planet...

There are 3 phases to Mercury Retrograde, the pre-shadow, the retrograde, and the post shadow.

Pre-shadow Began: Dec 29, 2021

Mercury Station Retrograde: Jan 14, 2022

Mercury Stations Direct: Feb 3, 2022

Post-shadow Begins: Feb 4, 2022

Retrograde Calendar courtesy of Debra Clement

We're used to the retrogrades of Mercury which happen 3 to 4 times a year for approximately 24 days.

Mercury, the messenger tends to get wonky during this time and caution us in communication, travel, technology breakdowns, mental anxiety, and a tendency to lose items (as well as recover old lost items). We can travel down memory lane, and have feelings of deja vu.

This is typically not the best time to sign contracts, or take long road trips without servicing your vehicle. Be non-reactive to delays in travel or flight cancellations and changes. I've noticed more car accidents and issues with traffic lights during the few days leading up to retrograde station.

This particular retrograde transit is conjoined with Saturn and square to Uranus --bringing on noticeable shocking(uranus) - delays(saturn) and unexpected(uranus) - setbacks(saturn).

I've highlighted this in orange below.

Mercury conjunct Saturn keywords - mental isolation, serious attitudes, careful thoughts, critical words, harsh speech,, detached and limited thinking.

Mercury square Uranus keywords - shocking news, unpredictable thoughts, unsettling ideas, nervous activities, hasty speech, surprising communications.

On the upside, Squares afford us the greatest success...because of their lessons.
leading to Mastery/Organization(saturn) and Inspiration and Innovation(uranus)

By the time Mercury stations direct on Feb 3, the kinks will begin sorting themselves out. Life doesn't stop because of retrograde cycles, they are part of the ebb and flow. You can't avoid your new job starting, you can't stop sending emails or stop using technology. Instead, pay attention to your REACTION to any setbacks and delays. Our feelings and moods is a reflection of our most dominant thoughts.

We will always get more of what we notice and focus on.

-Your hype man in the stars...


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