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OuiStrology - Relationship Astrology Sneak Peek

25 days to the launch of OuiStrology Composite Level I E-Workbook. Here's your first look inside!!

3EZ Fam, I created every detail to keep you and your romantic, business or platonic partner engaged. It comes with video instruction, YOUR custom charts, chart examples and a keyword bank, as well as Com-Positive journal prompts and manifestation activities.

Composite charts are created by taking the midpoint between pairs of each of two person’s natal planets and using them to create a third, new chart. I.e. The mathematical midpoint between the two Moons becomes the composite Moon. The midpoint between the two Mars’ becomes the composite Mars and so forth.

Here's an example:

Yes, it looks similar to a natal chart but's it's actually the combination of the Midpoint between Me + Rai's chart. Our composite chart aka chart of the relationship.

Rai's 29 degree Aries Sun and my 1 degree Libra Sun places the composite Sun in Cancer.

Using the instructional video, keywords and associations I've provided, this is how we'd interpret our composite chart:

I'll also be offering convenient Composite Level I classes at a discounted rate with your workbook purchase.

Future releases include Davison (the birthday of the relationship) and Parent/Child Composites.

You'll be able to purchase your workbook at midnight, Jan 1, 2021 at


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