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Pisces Season

The Sun entered Pisces on (Tues - Feb 18)

I recently started re-listening to "Seth Speaks" by Jane Roberts on audible. Best decision ever.

Mercury stationed retrograde in Pisces on (Sun - Feb 16) generally Mercury asks us to re-do, re-visit, re-focus, re-invent, re-establish, re-vision, re-new, re-direct, re-wind, re-linquish, re-flect...etc.

Mercury is my annual time lord. I'm in the thick of a 10th house/Virgo profection. Needless to say my devices have a mind of their own right now. Fortunately this has given me time to unplug and unpack my thoughts. I re-did my closet and got rid of clothes and shoes I haven't worn in a looooong time (2 huge trashbags worth). Cue the Marie Kondo applause. Clearing out clutter is an easy way to ground/center yourself and the energy around you.

Mercury will station direct in Aquarius on

(Mon - March 9).

On the surface Pisces is known as the dreamer, the mystic and compassionate one. The escapist, the vulnerable and also cloudy one.

My chart ruler (Jupiter Rx) is in Pisces in my 4th WS House (3rd Placidus House). Pisces is the sign where the martyrs and the rescuers reside. This has been the story of my life. It's no secret that I'll often go without so others in my life can have in excess. But why?!?

The theme of my chart ruler has been a 12th house arcade and fun house mirror ride of a spiritual bootcamp. Where Major Payne meets Harry Potter.

Where can we own our sh-!?

Merc Rx has me reflecting back on how I used to enable partners in their addictions and the parts of me wanting to be their "rescuer" and "savior" while keeping their secrets close. Gah.

To the Piscean dominant planetary persons: The ultimate question is - are you saving or enabling them? Are you helping or hurting them?

Will you actions really further them along their path? Or are you hindering their growth and robbing them of personal responsibility?

Two fishes swimming in opposite directions

One scales the surface. The other scales the depths. Your dreams, your visions, your creativity, your wildly meditative reflections will keep the surge of energy flowing between the two.

Pisces holds the mirror where one fish will project the other back to itself. Your dream and your reality fused together.

Snorkels aside we all have our stuff we're working on and working thru. No immunity here.






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