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Sagittarius New Moon (Nov 23rd 2022): Don't Fumble Your Good Fortune

Hey 3EZ Fam! I'm writing this as Jupiter in Pisces is about to Trine to the Sun in Scorpio at 11:07 PM EST on Nov 20th. Increasing our goodwill, enthusiasm, generosity, and feelings of motivation to overcome any setbacks.

!Use this energy to your advantage!

Astrologically, this is one of the most auspicious couple of days in 2022. Please DO NOT fumble your bag of luck and good fortune by grieving over the corpses of Scorpio Season. Those shadows and creepy crawl spaces were meant for excavation and transformation. (Scorpio= recycle, repurpose, salvage, extreme feelings, getting to the bottom of things...)

This new moon in Sag is ruled by Jupiter, it's visionary, expansive, truth-establishing and empowering our personal ethics. Our focus on the "big picture."

Our beliefs.

"A belief is just a thought you keep on thinking" - Abraham Hicks

The Big Picture helps us let go of petty, insignificant nit-pickings.

This cosmic energy is the good vibes we need after a tumultuous eclipse season that unclogged our pipes of victimhood, power struggles, unhealthy control and fears surrounding survival, self-worth, security and possessions.

Jupiter will Station Direct minutes after the new moon at 6:02 PM EST on the 23rd. Making this even more significant for expanding new beginnings. During Jupiter Retrograde we had the chance to explore missed opportunities.

Venus is also in Jupiter's home sign. A love of things that feel more universal and straightforward.

Mercury in the mix is in it's detriment in Sagittarius. More likely to skip over the details, less likely to LISTEN, but offers blunt humor and happy-go-lucky exchanges.

I started to write out specific examples here but soon remembered Sagittarius is meant to be open-ended. "The journey is the destination..." What direction is your Fiery Arrow of Faith pointing?

DIY Astro:

  1. Find the house occupying Sagittarius in your natal chart. This is the area of life to plant your bigger, better, expansive vision.

  2. Do you have any planets at or around 5 degrees of 1° Sagittarius, 1° Gemini, 1° Virgo or 1° Pisces?

Astro Nerd Note: The next 5 new moon's will be at 1 degree of their sign.

(everything will be brand spankin' new!)

In 'ownership' of this new moon I'm currently re-listening to The Magic of Believing on Audible.

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Here are some mental health tips for those like myself spending the holidays alone this year:

Everyday is a new opportunity for inner-peace agreements and contracts.

Your hype-man in the stars,



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