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Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius (through the houses)

The Taskmaster is re-mixing the cement.

Double dosing karma.

"Karma" is the Sanskrit word for "deed/action".

Dates: May 23rd to Oct 10th

(From 13° ♒ back to 6° ♒)

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Saturn Rx in your 1st house, Aquarius ♒ Rising

You may be feeling the heaviness of having to be so responsible for others. Time to redefine what "looking productive" means internally. It's okay to turn the camera off during that work zoom and still be serious in your bonnet, sis!😜 Be kinder to yourself. After all, you're an ♒ rising. First rule is to break all the rules, right?

Saturn Rx in your 2nd house, Capricorn ♑ Rising

Re-establishing your priorities and values.

Yes, we know how hard you've worked for your money, and yes, it feels like a slap in the face to see others appearing to put in little effort and get fast rewards. Time to recondition your own beliefs about working smarter, not harder.

Working on financial sensitivity can double your rewards when Saturn goes direct. You can see the bag 💰 better when you slow down to pick out the things you really want.

Saturn Rx in your 3rd house, Sagittarius ♐ Rising

Time to Rewire your thinking and be open to constructive criticism about how you communicate. You may feel distant or burdened by siblings. It may not have been what you thought all along, you may rediscover a mutual respect for siblings. That e-book has been half finished for two years. Time to do all the laborious editing so you can get the recognition you deserve when Saturn goes direct. And yes, get that certification or credential, study up ---retake that exam!

Saturn Rx in your 4th house Scorpio ♏ rising

Domestic obligations need reassessing. Are there cracks in your foundation that need repair? Sensitivity to family issues -- setting overdue boundaries. Saturn teaches thru experience. And no one tests us like those close to home. Time for another round of decluttering...take your time and really sort through those donation bags. There might be nostalgic keepsakes in that old handbag ---before you part ways.

Saturn Rx in your 5th house, Libra ♎ Rising

Time to address the ego's need to downplay and diminish your creative talents. Any inspiration to suddenly put in hours and hours on an old project will need backing by clear confidence. You may need to readjust boundaries with your kids. New love interests require you to clear out feelings of defeatedness and fears of being lonely. Remember, Saturn brings sensitivity to make things clear. You might get swerved and friend zoned, forcing you to be more specific about your next hookup. Honesty is best, and Libra knows best about "making the score even."

Saturn Rx in your 6th house, Virgo ♍ Rising

Your work PTO doesn't cover days off for accumulated stress. Time to reassess your strengths and weaknesses, delegate unnecessary--time consuming tasks to your associate, shamelessly filling up their Amazon cart. Try not to personalize feedback about your performance during this time. Any overshadowing you've experienced will be dealt with, but it has to begin internally.

Saturn Rx in your 7th house, Leo ♌ Rising

Endurance and consistency is important. Yes, love languages change and evolve. Your determination to adapt will surely help you restructure what partnership means for the long haul. With Saturn Rx opposing your ascendant, your partner isn't the only one appearing stoic these days. The business plan you worked really hard on may need reevaluating. Doing so could save you a ton. Get a reputable second opinion, not the new seller Joe Schmoe on Fiverr.

Saturn Rx in the 8th house, Cancer ♋ Rising

Mind games won't weather the storm this time and Saturn will test what you can control. Surrender is wisdom. The network of powerful players you once respected might come tumbling down, forcing you to seek emotional stability in those you once considered weak or those you overpowered in the past. Your emotional guidance system didn't come with a factory warranty. But the GPS is recalibrating. In the meantime, call your power back to you and allow others the painful process of discovering their own.

Old debts will rise to be addressed. Check your motives before borrowing time, resources or energy.

Saturn Rx in the 9th house, Gemini ♊ Rising

You might feel "weighted down" by old beliefs. Any rigid religious practices might be tested and rise to greet your own faithfulness in them. The altar itself doesn't have rules. People create the rules. Saturn rx could also make you uncomfortable enough to see that your degrees don't define your Truth. Saturn is reorganizing the lesson plan, get ready to learn even more by teaching what you've been studying. Your sensitivity about being respected and knowledgeable needs to be addressed. You know your stuff by now!

Saturn Rx in the 10th house, Taurus ♉ Rising

Your reputation could tested or shattered. Your definition of reaching for the stars may now be translated to taking the supporting lead vs star role for the time being. If your professional goals don't align with the effort you're putting in, then this period will help you reevaluate your position. Your True career is just beyond your 4th house/family-core beliefs about success. Your empire is under construction.

Saturn Rx in your 11th house, Aries ♈ Rising

What kind of friend are you? Friendships require loyalty and consistency. The effort you put in to trim the dead branches in your circles frees up your energy to network with the right people. How long will you make excuses for that unreliable friend? Your own insecurities in friendships are front and center now. A friend may receive the exact thing you've been wanting forever. Do you have the humility to clap for them? Also, pruning outdated wishes and dreams is essential, are you sure that's what you really want? If that thing appeared tomorrow would it cause more self-doubt?

Saturn Rx in your 12th house, Pisces ♓ Rising

This is an opportunity to strategize and plan to conquer any addictions. Because this is happening in Aquarius, you might have unhealthy social media and technology dependencies you're not even aware of. Don't ignore that back tooth abscess or other health concern any longer. Get the screening you've been putting off. The alone time might be uncomfortable initially, but you could find yourself healing your own depression through selflessly and silently supporting someone through theirs. Get down to the nitty-gritty and ask yourself, "What exactly am I losing sleep over?"

Repeat the following affirmation as you drift off to sleep 🗣"I am enough"


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