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To prove the continuity of life --never fear being wrong

Last Sunday I woke up and felt especially exhausted; my neck and shirt collar were soiled from sweating. I felt like I'd barely slept. My fitbit showed a lot of REM activity. I chalked it up to the void moon which would remain void until after 6pm that day. But truthfully it felt like deja-vu again. I recall throwing a water jug in the recycling bin and feeling like I was in a time loop. A feeling of being in-between worlds. Readers who do this work or have experienced these types of phenomena will know just what I'm referring to.

This day I was teaching an Introduction to Mediumship workshop at 2pm and said to Rai, "I feel like someone's grandfather will come thru today. I don't know why but I've been feeling them since I woke up this morning. They have curly hair, either native or latino features, a mole on the left side of their neck, a gold chain(franco style), and some kind of boots, looks like maybe cowboy boots"

She's so used to me describing spirits that she just gave her usual reply "oh, yea?"

We went about our day, I did last min preparations for the workshop and we made our way to the venue in Durham.

I can always tell when spirit is going to come thru strongly because of the physical changes in my body. I have an unending thirst and could probably drink a gallon of water, plus I sweat a lot, even in the biting cold.

When the person co-teaching the event arrived we went inside and wiped down the space, charged it with florida water, rose water and our highest intentions: to heal and experience our intuitive gifts in real time. As a three life path I have a tendency to crack jokes and be very silly when I'm nervous. I also realize that's part of the medicine --to raise the vibration in the room and give the lower mind a distraction so the higher mind can do the work.

As the participants arrived we started introductions and when it we got around to Rai she said, "Well I live with a medium and I used to be shocked and amazed at how detailed he could describe someone he's never seen or met. Just like this morning he mentioned someone's grandfather..."

I'd completely forgotten about the grandfather and interjected, "oh yea...and I felt like they wore boots... cowboy boots", just recalling the quickest tidbit to see if someone could receive the information...nope, it was absolutely silent. No one reacted. Yikes.

Fortunately I'm confident enough to know when to be still and not try to press what I'm feeling. This comes with time. When I first started practicing mediumship I was terribly insecure. The slightest side eye would make me feel like I was crazy and saying something untrue. I later learned that some people are so shocked they won't speak up right away. Which makes sense.

That's exactly what happened this day. The workshop continued and we had a blast playing intuition games. Just as we were packing up a woman approached me and said, "that man you described was my pop-pop" my eyes got big and my head cocked to the side. "why didn't you speak up then?!"

"Because you kinda threw me off with the cowboy boots, but everything else was spot on."

I then continued "he also brought to my attention his mustache and shaving, specifically the smell of an aftershave" now HER eyes got big and she nodded in agreement "Yep, I used to shave him" she confirmed that he raised her and they were so close as a child she would have him come get her from school so they could hang out.

He jokingly wanted her to know that he'd prevented a lot of broken bones, "he tells me that one of your children is like a stunt devil and he watches over him" she said "OMG yes, That's my youngest, he jumps off of stuff and is all over the place. That's my wild child!"

Her grandfathers name is Thomas too. That's my grandfather's middle name. William Thomas Bernard. He went by "Tommy". It felt like a wink from the universe. I went home and lit a few tealight candles on my altar to thank my guides for that blessing.

This work is not easy. Some days I can't believe that I'm not working some soul sucking job and I actually get to help people figure out their lives, to counsel them, encourage them and help them dream again.

The purpose of mediumship is to prove the continuity of life. I would not trade these gifts for any normalcy in the world. You really can't make this stuff up, in constant amazement at how spirit shows up in my life each day.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

('Clair' tool kits I made for participants)

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