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Virgo Season Telepathy

Happy Virgo Season 3EZ Family!

Virgo is the sign of efficiency, calculation and perfectionism. Ruled by Mercury, the messenger planet.

Manifesting is all about the tiny details of your imagination.

Here is a short passage from Neville Goddard's book, Resurrection:

"It is a fundamental law of consciousness that by telepathy we can have immediate communion with another.

To establish rapport you call the subject mentally. Focus your attention on him and mentally shout his name just as you would to attract the attention of anyone.

Imagine that he has answered, and mentally hear his voice. Represent him to yourself inwardly in the state you want him to obtain.

Then imagine that he is telling you in the tones of ordinary conversation what you want to hear. Mentally answer him. Tell him of your joy in witnessing his good fortune.

Having mentally heard with all the distinctness of reality that which you wanted to hear, and having thrilled to the news heard, return to objective consciousness. Your subjective conversation must awaken what it affirmed."

Check out Elmer's 3 min video on how he manifested a house for 100k less than the appraised value. Elmer is the grandson of a student of Neville Goddard:

Try it out. It works!

Your hype man in the stars,



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