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Weekend Weather - Moon in Scorpio

Aug 14-15

Scorpio is the sign of transformation and rebirth. The Phoenix rising from the ashes, reborn.

This weekend's Scorpio Moon is an opportunity to transmute any misused energy. This transit is squaring to Saturn (challenging insecurities) and opposing Uranus (bringing emotional awakenings).

Here is some timeless Wisdom from Flo

Many people are without vital interests and are hungry to hear what other people are doing. They are usually the ones who keep social media active and poppin' from early morning till late at night. They must be entertained every minute. Their own affairs do not hold enough interest.

A woman once said to me: “I love other people’s affairs.” She lived on gossip. Her conversation consisted of, “I was told,” “I was given to understand,” or “I heard.” It is needless to say she is now paying her Karmic debt. A great unhappiness has overtaken her and everyone knows about her affairs. It is dangerous to neglect your own affairs and to take an idle curiosity in what others are doing.

We should all be busily engaged in perfecting ourselves, but take a kindly interest in others. Make the most of your disappointments by transmuting them into happy surprises.

Transmute all failure into success. Transmute all unforgiveness into forgiveness; all injustice into justice. You will be kept busy enough perfecting your own life, you won’t have time to run other people’s affairs.

In the midst of ANY frustrating situation, dare to raise your inner Phoenix from the ashes by affirming over and over:

Nothing but good is coming from this!


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