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My Birthday Gift To You

Thank you for your continuous support of my craft.

I've continued receiving text messages and emails several times a week confirming things I've said in readings and from clients just thanking me for what I do. What a great gift you all keep giving me. It's still surreal at times.

To be transparent with you, the last three months has been very challenging for me. I've gone back and forth with myself about continuing this work full time. Ah, but... such is the beauty of the Libra Midheaven life.

My birthday is this Friday September 24th and I'd like to do something for YOU to show my appreciation!


Just enter the code "VENUS" at checkout. This will not work for PayPal transactions.

(please try to schedule your session before October 15th, 2021)

I'm entering a 12th House Profection and having a Cancer Rising Solar Return year. It already feels like "all or nothing" energy. This morning my Tarot card was the High Priestess, which embodies the idea of trusting your intuition. You won't always have words, but the Infinite Intelligence operating in you will always have the answers.

I asked a few people what they would go back and say to themselves in their mid-thirties and these were their replies:

"Don't be too influenced in your life decisions by other people. Do everything you can to preserve your health!"

"Divine love is in control and all is well" -Dr. Catherine Ponder


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